Message from the President




We will continue to provide high-quality, cutting-edge leg wear
at reasonable prices to satisfy customers throughout the world.


Since its foundation in 1948 as a hosiery designer, manufacturer and wholesaler, World has been researching and developing trend-setting original products.

The hosiery manufactured in the early stages was purely utilitarian, not very fashionable items. However, as Japanese hosiery production technology, which leads the world, the design of World’s products evolved as its products diversified with advances in production technology. Today, World’s products have established themselves in the apparel industry as “Leg Wear,” going far beyond utility clothes, critical items among today’s fashion conscious customers.

World maintains high quality in its products, along with fashionability. World is proud of its high quality production achieved through an alliance between its Japanese plants and overseas partner plants which benefit from Japanese technologies. At the mother plants in Japan, World’s designers select materials for the products they design and plan functional products in cooperation with skilled engineers who produce these products.

World will work to assure its convenient leg wear is enjoyed by many more customers throughout the world. With unique product planning, production, and quality control systems, World will continue to provide high-quality, cutting-edge, comfortable leg wear at reasonable prices.

World will continue working to improve the quality of its products and provide better services through its diverse business activities. Your kind support and advice are greatly appreciated.

Makoto Takeda




























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